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About Pinnacle Sports
@About Pinnacle sports
@When Pinnacle Sports, located in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, came online in 1998, most bookmakers were battling for business using bonuses as their main weapon. Pinnaclefs quick-moving low juice lines educated players on the value of line shopping; and it wasnft long before Pinnacle began taking business from the competition.

@The growing customer base allowed Pinnacle more flexibility to safely book reduced juice at, what eventually became, the industryfs highest wagering limits. Pinnaclefs no-nonsense approach to bookmaking more closely resembled a stock trading website than the traditional online sportsbook. Pinnacle allowed the highest concentration of sharp players to shape its line, which in turn shaped the rest of the sports betting market. Today it is impossible to find an online bookmaker or a Las Vegas sportsbook that doesnft pay attention to Pinnaclefs numbers. Pinnaclefs lines were so sharp that they became the first online sportsbook to move odds by pennies (odds changes equating to a fraction of what it would take to move the spread a half point).

@Pinnaclefs bookmaking style
@Pinnaclefs website and betting screens are as sophisticated as its bookmaking style. Many books use the ASI software platform; however Pinnaclefs is almost unrecognizable due to in-house enhancements. Modifications include a proprietary spread drop down option that allows bettors to buy and sell points, and an account history option that is unmatched by the best online banking websites. Pinnacle took sports betting 101 a step further by offering dynamic lines, which lets players watch the odds move live with color changes without the need to refresh the browser. 

Customer service is handled almost exclusively by email, allowing Pinnacle to keep their operating costs low. The companyfs efficiency means some players can go years without ever having to contact client support. On the rare occasion there is a book error or player dispute, the customer is addressed promptly and courteously.  

@Best betting odds
@Overall, Pinnacle is a great book for the moderate to larger size internet bettor looking for the best betting odds for both American and European sports. This is the undisputed best sportsbook for the professional player, without a close second in sight.

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SBR Excellence Award Excellence Award Q1 2004

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TOP Sportsbook Reputation 2003

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Because only the game thought for me to be able surely to win only has to be bet the sports book, it is possible to become a hefty profit.

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